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Niijima Jo : " I am glad that you’re a scary wife, Yae-san. You scold me without any hesitation. I wanted a wife who walks beside me , not behind me. At times, who would guide me and walk in front of me…"

Niijima Yae : " A wife that walks in front ? "

Niijima Jo : " Even Husband have troubles and make mistakes.. So when i’m wrong, I want you to scold me. "

Niijima Yae : " I will (smile wdiely) "

Such a lesson for us to make a harmonious couple & family. I really love this laid-back yet future-minded conversation of them. Husband not always right, not always have right to do as he pleases. There, the role of a wife plays good to accompany and guide him to be able building a happy family ^_^

PS : i really love Yae no Sakura , the casts’ acts are so good! Odagiri Joe and Ayase Haruka do have well-build chemistry! and i love how Yae-san was so destined to be Jo’s woman.

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