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#15 SID 『Itsuka』+ L’Arc~en~Ciel 『X X X / kiss kiss kiss』

久しぶりだね~ It’s really long time for me not writing about a song. Not writing song’s lyrics, but writing and review about songs that I heard at that moment.


Well, recently Japan’s oricon chart was lighten up by single releases. My two favorite bands all the time, SID and L’Arc~en~Ciel released new singles. SID released 『Itsuka』 on 2011.10.28 after 8 months absent from new songs. And L’Arc~en~Ciel released 『XXX/kiss kiss kiss』 after more than three years, not releasing songs despite the solo project of each member. 


『Itsuka』, single by SID released on 2011.10.28 with highest position on chart is second (GREAT!). This single contained three tracks 『Itsuka』, 『Akikaze』 and the last one 『NO LDK ~live version~』. For me, this single is really a long waited song. SID not really productive in producing songs nowadays, they are more like “live band” rather than “producing songs”. For them, this 2011 full of live schedule after releasing dead stock album in February, 2011. 

『Itsuka』 mainly talk about boys and girls who has feeling that can’t reach to the “other person”. For me this song is a beautiful song, I like to listen it over and over again but not really a special song. The special one for me is second track 『Akikaze』. This song really caught me from the first time heard it. This track really has nice movement, flowing at the first part and has a nice peak, typical of aki—the bassist’s songs. And the last one, 『NO LDK ~live version~』. 『NO LDK』 is the most beautiful track from dead stock album and I think they (SID) are agree with me so that they picked this song in live version as a coupling for this single. As always, Mao’s voice became more and more powerful and beautiful. He can make the song more lively and dramatic. From this live version, Mao’s voice is a bit “bold” than other instrument. I think it’s normal when it comes to live, the vocalist will be in the “spotlight”. 


The second one, my review will be about L’Arc~en~Ciel 38th single, 『XXX / kiss kiss kiss』. From the title maybe you can imagine what kind of song is this. 『X X X』 contained four tracks, 『X X X』, 『I’m so happy ~acoustic version~』, and the last two are 『X X X』 and 『I’m so happy』 hydeless version. Well, mostly from the lyrics it about indulgence from a kiss and the melody can describe the atmosphere that lyrics have been given. The atmosphere is not really different from 『Devil Side』’s VAMPS, HYDE’s solo project. The flow, and the theme has a similar meaning except for L’Arc’s song, 『X X X』 has a mild arrangement. While 『Devil Side』 has a “fierce” sexuality in KAZ’s rock guitar arrangement, 『X X X』 seduces the listener with the suavity of hyde’s vocal and strings arrangement. 


I don’t really know about technical of music, but from what I think that this song is very different from other latest L’Arc’s songs. Why? Because this song not all about hyde’s vocals, while mainly L’Arc’s songs reach high pitch and melodious, requires more skill in vocal. Maybe they chose this kind of song as a variety from their usual, after recent singles, 『Good Luck My Way』, 『BLESS』, and 『NEXUS / SHINE』, not really different, made a typical L’Arc’s song. I think that they start looking for something new, not “typical” and not boring, for this long life time band. 


The same feeling felt in the second track 『I’m so happy ~Acoustic version~』. Originally, 『I’m so happy』 about happiness in falling in love, like teenager who’s falling in love, blind, impassioned and furious. This feeling describe from the part of the song that saying “I love you” over and over again. In this acoustic version, of course that part not really change, but they added some new part lyrics that a little bit different from the original one. This part making the song more “blindly” loving a person, but in the same time, the acoustic arrangement  make the song felt more “adult”. It’s like falling in love desperately, still furious, but feeling more “controllable”. 

『Itsuka』 and 『X X X』 have a really different theme. Of course, the band that producing the song too can’t be compared in spite of the “long live time” of the band, while L’Arc~en~Ciel is already BIG band, and SID is still “long way to go” band. But sometimes I think that SID is a really “fastforward” band because of they are really moving so fast, until as big as now, in a short time. as these two bands, in the upcoming December, they will release new single. Let’s waiting patiently for these two singles. I guess Oricon chart will be much more brighten up for year end and year 2012. Hope so, and this is the end of my story for now :)

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