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tonight was amazing!!

TETSUYA and THE JUICY BANANAS were AMAZING!!! thank you for giving us such an amazing night!!!

really amazing how tetsuya entertained people. 

how he sang fullest with all his heart, reached us, made us moved and giving such a great night!!

the one that really made me moved is, how he sang these songs 『15 1/2』and 『蜃気楼』 . 

Just how amazing, when I can hear the songs that I used to sing karaoke (of course with false voice in my room, alone, and locked. whenever I felt sad or angry because of teenagers things in my junior and high school) on live, and he’s right there, in front of my eyes singing these songs.

This is the song that made me falling in love with TETSUYA. 

just feel my teenager life.

once again.

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